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How to Get the Hair off Your Balls While Abroad

A must read manscaping guide! I’ve been traveling for years now and as a wildebeest hair removal has always been an issue for me. Now that I’m living in Asia and single its even a bigger deal.  Most Asian guys aren’t into hairy wildebeests. That

Advertise Your Business!

Let us help you! If you are here I assume you are interested in advertising your travel business. If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place! has hundreds of unique visitors a day but more importantly the facebook group Gay Asia Travel 

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Viator Coupons

Viator Coupon Codes & Viator Promo Codes Use these Viator coupon codes to save money while traveling. United States and Canada New York California     Louisiana  Nevada Florida   Washington DC Tennessee Europe France Italy Netherlands Spain Iceland Hungary     Middle East Turkey

How I Get Cheap Flights in Asia

Whenever I fly anywhere in Asia I use! Seriously, I am a major bargain hunter and has always delivered cheap flights in Asia.  From my experience they offer the cheapest flights in Asia. This is my review. Before  I show you how

My Experience with Tourradar

My experience with Tourradar Having been an experienced traveler I never really saw myself doing a days long guided tour. To be honest I was a bit worried it would be a waste of money since I really didn’t see myself enjoying being under tour