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10 Countries That Will Kill You for Being Gay

In my last article, I was so happy to talk about a small but meaningful victory for gays in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago!

Sadly I cannot have the same tone here. There are still countries in this world where it’s literally illegal to be gay and the punishment is death. Any gay travel blog should mention them in case someone might be thinking of visiting any of these places.

While most are situated in the middle east not all of them are:

  1. Yemen

Married men can be stoned to death for engaging in homosexual intercourse. Penalties are less harsh for married men and women. In 2014, a gunmen in Lahj killed a man suspected of homosexuality. The murder was deemed legitimate.

In addition, more than 30 people were killed for suspected homosexuality in the past two years. Many of those who were murdered were in the southern provinces, which has been, at times, under Al Qaida control.

2. Iran

Gay men (including teens) can be killed for engaging in homosexual intercourse in accordance with sharia law. On July 19, 2005, teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged as convicted “homosexuals.” LGBT rights in Iran are nonexistent.

3. Iraq

Militias and judges have sentenced and killed people for homosexual acts using sharia law as the basis for their decisions.

4. Mauritania

Gay Muslim men who have gay sex can be sentenced to death by stoning based on a 1984 law. However, women who engage in same-sex sex will be imprisoned.

5. Nigeria

Zuma Rock Nigeria

Several states have adopted harsh sharia law and imposed death penalties for men having gay sex. A recent law makes it illegal for gays to collectively gather for meetings or clubs. In 2014, the courts were lenient and a Nigerian man was sentenced to only 20 lashes in an Islamic court in the city of Bauchi. He was whipped by an official in front of a packed courtroom where he screamed out in pain.

6. Qatar

Muslim cannot engage in any extramarital sex nor homosexual sex.  The punishment is death.

7. Saudi Arabia

Gay men in Saudi Arabia are often stoned to death, but sometimes they’re lashed and punished with jail time. This includes married men and non-Muslim men who commit “homosexual” acts, which Saudi Arabia proscribes. The man in this photo was lashed 1,000 with a cane and sentenced to 21-months in prison for wearing women’s clothing.

8. Somalia

Islamic courts in some southern areas of the country have sentenced people committing homosexual acts to death according to Sharia law.

9. Sudan

Like many other African countries, death is a final judgment for a third offense under the country’s sodomy law. But it’s important to note that not all areas of the country are as harsh.

10. United Arab Emirates

There is contention about how the federal law applies to consensual same-sex sex. However, all sex outside of marriage is deemed illegal and punishable by death.

It’s important to note I haven’t seen any gay tourists from western countries being killed for their sexual orientation. However, I wouldn’t go cruising in any public bathroom in any of these places either.

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  1. ugot

    Interesting to note what all the countries mentioned above have in common !
    So be aware of other countries not listed having the same link !

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