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8 Secrets on How to Have a Successful Gay Relationship!

The Tale of the Man That Turned 30

One day a friend called me crying. I asked him what the problem was and he said his boyfriend didn’t love him anymore. They began dating when he was 19 and the boyfriend was 40.

But he wasn’t a gold digger. He loved his partner.

“But once I turned 30 everything changed. He stopped paying attention to me and now we sleep in separate rooms.  Every time I ask him what’s wrong he won’t even discuss it with me.  [He continued sobbing] I know its over but I just don’t know what I did wrong. He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with!”.

I already knew but I dug deeper just to be sure. It broke my heart to have to tell the young man the only thing he did ‘wrong’ was turning 30. His partner was looking for a sugar baby for sex and not much more.

Thanks to common law marriage laws the young man wasn’t left out in the street but his heart was left out in the cold. Please be careful who you hitch your wagon to.

It’s far too common for gay men to enter into a relationship way too quickly when they finally find someone that is at their level and single. Studies show that male same-sex couples experienced significantly higher rates of failure than other romantic couples.  In this piece, we’re going to talk about how to begin a successful gay relationship and what to avoid to keep it that way!

How to Have  Successful Gay Relationship:

Here are my 8 secrets to having a successful gay relationship.

  1.  Be ready for a relationship
  2.  Understand that your friends are not always your friends
  3.  Stay away from the bars for a bit
  4.  It’s money honey
  5.  Successful gay relationships are slow
  6.  Maintain your physical fitness
  7.  Maintain your emotional fitness
  8.  Make him your priority

1. Be ready for a relationship

So often I get gay men coming into my office saying buzzwords like ‘gay relationship goals’ or that they really want a boyfriend when in truth they have no idea what a true relationship entails.

A quick guide typically men don’t enter their settle-down stage until after 25. Before then, to them, a relationship is really just a friend with benefits.

A real relationship requires maturity, flexibility, and discipline.

2. Understand that your friends are not always your friends

Most people, gay or straight, consult their close friends when they are having relationship troubles but the truth is that can be a mistake for a few reasons:

  1. Friends are not objective
  2. Some friends can want you to be single just like them
  3. A lot of times friends just plain don’t know what they’re talking about

Nothing is sadder to me when I see a potentially great relationship break up because one of the guy’s friends told him to “dump his ass”. A disturbing trend among some single people is that they also want their friends to be single as well.

Even with good intentions they may be inadvertently trying to make you single again. I’m not saying don’t listen to your friends but I’m saying to take their advice with a grain of salt.

3. Stay away from the bars for awhile

Infidelity is still the number one reasons cited for our relationships to fail. Let’s face it. We’re men! The temptation is out there and will always be there. The best thing you can do besides mental discipline to prevent yourself from cheating is to reduce temptation! 

That means staying off the apps and out of the bars for a while. Any place where large amounts of gay men congregate is going to be breeding grounds for temptation and the beginning of the end of your relationship that you put so much work into.

Frankly, if you’re in a relationship there’s no good reason to have grindr or any other dating app on your phone anyway. An app like that on either partner’s phone is a very bad sign!


4. Don’t open up too quickly

If you want the relationship to be open then at least wait 6 months to make sure you know each other well first. If your partner is asking to open a relationship after just a few weeks it could be because he’s already decided that he can do better than you but wants to keep you as an option on the table. Sorry…

Keep in mind that being open can breed resentment really quickly.

“Why don’t you do it like he does?”

“At first it was once every three months but now he wants a threesome almost every week it seems”

“He always picks guys that have bigger dicks than I do for our threeways”

Those are just a few things I’ve heard inside in my office from ‘open’ couples. Open relationships are a bad idea and those relationships that do last tend to be nothing more than relationships of convenience.

5. Talk About Money/Chores

Besides infidelity money is the second most common reason gay relationships break up.  Inevitably the higher-income partner will always pay more and begin to resent the lower-income partner.

A lot of times the lower-income partner will try to show he is sincere by taking on more of the housework but then he begins to resent the higher-income partner because he feels as though he’s being treated like a maid.

Almost no relationship is 50/50 financially and that’s okay. Just make sure you guys have an open and honest discussion about how the expenses/chores will be split between you. 

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6. Successful gay relationships are slow

If you want to know how to have a successful gay relationship then please listen to this. When beginning a relationship TAKE-YOUR-TIME! We live in an instant gratification society where everyone wants what they want right now.

Relationships, especially gay relationships, just don’t work that way. It takes time to build that true love and trust. Remember that guy that made you cum 5 times and then you wanted to be with him forever?

That wasn’t love was lust sweetheart…

A relationship is a team effort and it must have a strong foundation to withstand the headwinds of temptation and jealous friends.


7. Maintain your physical fitness

I don’t need to tell you how visual men are when it comes to attraction. Sometimes once we’ve been in a relationship for a long time we tend to let ourselves go.

Straight men do it so why can’t we?

Because straight women don’t care about looks nearly to the same degree as men do. You can’t control your age but you can control your weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make life easier for you and your partner.

Exercising at home is a good option if you don’t want to be a gym rat. Try this great portable home gym to get all the exercise you want without leaving your home or buying super expensive equipment. The truth is the key to lose weight is right on your kitchen table!  Keeping fit is a key component of a good healthy sex life.

8. Maintain your emotional fitness & make him your priority

Gay men are 5x more likely to suffer from depression than our straight counterparts. It’s sad but true and having emotive issues can put a lot of strain on a relationship. 

And I do mean a lot of strain…

A big break up cause for gay couples is the emotional distress of another partner. However, if you want to know how to have a successful gay relationship then you need to know how to control your emotions.

I personally am a strong fan of theta meditation that’s the type of meditation where your brain is in a theta state. Studies show it’s the most relaxing form of meditation as it helps your brain to truly relax and be at ease.

I remember back in June of 2013  a friend of mine was to save his relationship of 10 years. He knew the problem was his bad mood swings which were driving his partner away.  He wasn’t a fan of big pharma and was desperate for a solution.

I worked with him for 8 months doing various grounding exercises to enable his mind to relax enough to finally reach a theta state. Eventually, it worked and his mood swings subsided dramatically!

Not to mention his relationship was saved…

It’s easy to make a guy your priority when you are infatuated with him but later down the line it’s very possible to drift away from him without even realizing it. If you want to make sure your relationship a success then you should work to make sure he’s your priority throughout the entire relationship.

9. (Bonus) Look in The Right Places

Where you find your relationship can make a huge impact on its success. If you are on grindr, for example, it’s much more likely that he’s not serious and just looking for a romp. Even if you meet in person at a gay bar those guys aren’t often serious.

If you are looking for a serious long term relationship then check out my list of best dating sites for guys who are serious.  

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