I Got a Tasty Surprise with My Fries

I Got a Tasty Surprise with My Fries

It’s 2am my insomnia is keeping me awake. I get hungry. I try to resist but I relent. The only available food at this hour is McDonalds. I place an order its delivered. Much to my surprise McDonalds is including extra prizes with their fries now.

Their Response

Disgusted of course I immediately send them an email and got this response:


If the photo didn’t load  they start off by calling me a girl, nice! Then they basically just say ‘sorry’ and that the incident is ‘alleged’. I’m not sure what’s more gross the bug in the fires or their lackadaisical response!  Serves me right though for ordering this junk. It puts a whole new meaning to the words junk food!


I got a call and they said “while we don’t take responsibility for the incident we’d like to offer you a replacement order of french fries!”  Then they tried to blame the delivery boy! Shameful….


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