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If you are here I assume you are interested in advertising your travel business. If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place! has hundreds of unique visitors a day but more importantly the facebook group Gay Asia Travel  has over 10,000 members most of them active and actual travelers.

In order to advertise on our network you must become a TGE member at $10USD a month.

This will increase soon so don’t hesitate to get this super low rate locked in! 

Once you are a member you will be allowed to post an ad for your business once every 7 days in the facebook group.

All posts to the facebook group must contain the following text at the top

**Posted with Permission ( your member #)**

At the moment all banner advertising on website is done through google adsense or companies that I already have an affiliate agreement with.

If you have a pre-made banners already made then please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out!

Advertising Rules

In order to protect our interests there are some rules that advertisements must follow. These are pretty basic and shouldn’t be difficult to follow:

  1. Advertisements may not be offensive or insulting
  2. Advertisements may not contain nudity or implied nudity
  3. We do not allow advertisements for ‘male’ order bride services or prostitution in any form including freelance ‘massages’.
  4. While we will make every attempt to approve and/or work with you to get your advertisement approved all advertisements are approved at our discretion.
  5. We do not guarantee results! Results are based on a number of factors out of our control including: the quality of your ad, the quality of your content and/or service, your prices, and many many others.
  6. We are unable to offer refunds under any circumstances.

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