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Learn How to Conquer Your Own Mind to Get a Guy!

Here’s a secret: No amount of relationship advice will help you get the loving fulfilling relationship that you deserve if you don’t have the power over your own mind! Sadly, we gay men have serious problems with self-discipline and control. Gay Men Are: 2 times

Gay, Depressed, and Perpetually Single

Behind that catty & cocky image many of us like to present is  a cynical and depressed man.   That was certainly the case for me and many other gay men. Gay depression is a serious issue! One study found that gay men are three times

Why Open Relationships Don’t Work

It’s the new millennium that means out with the old and in with the new!  As a counselor I generally encourage trying new things since trying new  things is what helps shapes who we are as human beings.This case is different though….I strongly  advise my


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