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Being a Gay Bottom Abroad

Being a gay traveler has its issues onto itself being a gay bottom comes with some additional challenges. It is my hope with this guide you’ll have all the information you need to be successful bottom while traveling abroad.

Let’s Talk Size

Trigger warning: Truth. If you’re traveling abroad to say SE Asia there’s most likely going to be a size difference than what you are used to.  The average penis size in America is about 5-6 inches in Asia its between 3-5 inches. The PC police won’t like me saying that but I keep it real sorry.  Here’s a map for your reference.

Does that mean if you’re a size queen you shouldn’t go to Asia? No! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the pieces I’ve seen in the Philippines and Thailand but expect a lot of the guys with larger packages to charge. If you don’t want to pay you can still have a pleasant time. A lot of guys are talented rimmers and you’ll get used to the smaller jammies eventually.

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Bring your own condoms & lube

Don’t expect the top to provide the condoms. As a gay bottom abroad you really need to have your own stock. You can buy condoms in bulk on  Most guys here see spending money on lube as frivolous. Many use cheap lotion or even spit as a lubricant. Ouch! Personally I like Astroglide as you can get these neat little travel travel packs. Water based lubes aren’t the best because they get sticky and uncomfortable after some pumping.

$13.27 Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count 

Be prepared with PREP

HIV is unfortunately rampant in many developing countries.  The Philippines has one of the world’s fastest growing HIV epidemics. I went to Palawan in the Philippines spent two days with this cute guy and came home with the clap. If I hadn’t been on prep it could’ve been much worse. What I’m saying is I wouldn’t even THINK of coming here without being on PREP first!

Douching Safely

DoucheThink you know all about douching? You may not. You can very sick if you douche with the local tap water. Many local guys literally stick water hoses up their asses or water bottles in their butts to get clean. You don’t want that. Just bring a good douche with you.  You can literally get a douche for 8 or 9 bucks. You’ll want to bring one ahead of time because  douches can be impossible to find sometimes!

Approaching Straight Men

In Thailand, the Philippines, and southern Mexico straight men are accustomed to receiving advances from gay men. It’s just not a big deal. 50-60% will go along with you for the right price of course. Still, you need to know how to approach them correctly to get the results you want. Obviously don’t do it in front of his friends or females. I suggest striking up a conversation with him. Once conversing you can even just go for the jugular and ask him how big his tool is. If he gives you a number that’s a good sign. From there you can just ask him if he needs some extra cash. At that point it’s pretty much understood what’s going on. Don’t be a dick! If you’re approaching a straight man for sex its understood he wants money for it. Unless you explicitly say you don’t pay and he agrees to it don’t stiff him (womp womp) after the fact. That can you in a lot of trouble or even possibly killed

When in doubt ask!

Gay men have gotten in serious trouble for unwittingly sleeping with minors. Not only can you end up in hot water abroad you can also be prosecuted in the United States under the  PROTECT Act of April 2003 and the  Protection of Children from Sexual Predators Act of 1998 . If he looks young ask for proof of age. If he won’t show you ID then move on. No dick is worth spending time in a 3rd world prison. Don’t worry you’ll have a lot of other guys to choose from.

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