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Best Gay Asian Dating Sites in 2020

If you’re a rice queen like me when you already know all the wonderful reasons to date Asians. They tend to be younger, thinner, more educated, and soft-spoken than some other guys. I’ve known since I was 14 years old that I wanted an Asian husband and now that I’m engaged to one I couldn’t be happier. Seriously my Filipino partner is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Best Gay Asian Dating Sites

Now it’s your turn to find your future Asian husband. So here are the best dating sites to find serious Asian guys.

Are you adventurous and willing to (a)broaden your horizons? Do you like slender, smooth, Asian guys? is a site for those who are interested in looking abroad for a handsome exotic partner. If you really want a place where age doesn’t matter you should try this international dating site.

All profiles on this site go through an automated and human screening process. Read my article on gay international dating and how to make it work. You can respond to messages on a free account.

Compatible Partners

Compatible Partners is the eHarmony for gay guys and gals. Just like eHarmony you have to go through a professional questionnaire which can take up to 1hour to complete. This site is for guys who are willing to go long distance but aren’t willing to go overseas just yet. Another benefit with this site is that you may find someone closer than you think. It is a paid site which is a good thing since guys with skin in the game tend to be more serious about a relationship.  I don’t recommend this site for those who are searching for a partner in a developing country because both sides have to pay in order to communicate.


Thai Cupid

Are you adventurous and willing to (a)broaden your horizons? Do you like slender, smooth, Asian guys? Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid are sites for those who are interested in looking abroad for Thai and Filipino guys. If you really want a space where age doesn’t matter you should try these two international gay dating sites. Read my article on gay international dating and how to make it work.


Are you looking for an oasis from the mainstream gay dating culture? Growlr is the number 1 gay dating app for bears. By the way, you don’t have to be large to be a bear. The bear movement started off as a space for large hairy gay men but not it’s an all-encompassing movement for any gay man that doesn’t feel they fit into the mainstream muscle-bound twink gay culture. A ton of chasers are Asians!

Best of all it’s totally free to use! Creating a profile on Growlr is free and easy. You only need to manually fill out the sections that best describe you. However, this is all optional so profiles are not concise and clear. Fake profiles can also be created, as the app is not strict and does not conduct tests or background checks on every member (remember it’s free). Download Growlr 


Scruff is another gay app with a large membership base in the United States and Canada. This app isn’t as good as Growlr but you have a wider array of men to choose from. Although the app has been criticized for not doing enough to quash blatant racism in the last few years. Even with Scruff’s high popularity, the app has been suspended by Google Play Store several times without disclosing the reason. As a result, they’ve really clamped down on racy photos.

Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is the world’s largest Filipino dating site with over a million members. Whether you’re interested in men, women, or ladyboys Filipino Cupid has it. They are owned by the same company as Thai Cupid (Cupid Media). There’s no screening of the members, unlike INGayDating, however, they also charge less than INGaydating. It’s a site you should definitely check out if you are into Pinoys.

How to Succeed in Dating Asian Men

Asian men are so gorgeous and wonderful it’s easy to be mesmerized by their beauty. That being said you must remember that you are dating someone from a different culture and even if he speaks fluent English it doesn’t mean you should expect him to see things the same way you do. This is especially true if you are dating inter-generationally or internationally.  That’s why I have an entire book on dating someone in The Philippines.

Understand that many Asian men wish to avoid direct confrontation so they may not reveal their true feelings about something. That means you may have to figure out what’s going on. You also can’t take him for granted. Sometimes guys get the wrong idea because they have so many Asian men throwing themselves at them that they can take their partners for granted. Asian men want to feel respected just like any other man. Respect begets respect and kindness begets kindness.

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