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Cambodia vs Thailand -A Gay Man’s Perspective

Ah yes, this seems to be a growing debate should you visit Cambodia or Thailand? If you ask me you should visit both. If you can or only want to visit one country the answer is it depends on what you’re looking for in a holiday.

Price-Winner Cambodia!

If your main factor is price then Cambodia is the undisputed winner. According to Budget Your Trip you’ll save a whopping $70+ a day in Cambodia over Thailand!   That being said price shouldn’t be your only consideration.  After all, the cheapest thing to do would be to stay home right?

Human Development-Winner Thailand!

Thailand is more developed than Cambodia. You’ll get good infrastructure, a well-developed tourism infrastructure, and you won’t see naked children running around due to poverty.

History-Winner Cambodia!

Cambodia has between 2000-4000 temples. Many of those over 1000 years old. I cannot say strongly enough how enchanting my visit to Cambodia was!

Seeing Angkor Wat and imagining what it was like 1000 years ago when the ancient Khmer royal family lived there elephants dropping off important guests into the temple was just astounding to me!

What’s even more amazing is how the ancient Khmer figured out how to build those massive structures on the soft sandy soils that is Siem Reap. They are a feat in human engineering and ingenuity.

Then you have the killing fields of Phnom Pehn. A powerful but necessary experience to see what cruelty man is capable of against his fellow man.

That’s not to say Thailand doesn’t have some nice temples but most of them are from the 18th century up to and are standard brick and plaster architecture.  I wasn’t impressed frankly.  Thailand’s history is a snore compared to that of Cambodia.

Food-Toss up!

If you’re into SE Asian cuisine you can’t go wrong with either country. I give a slight edge to Cambodia because the food is cheaper

Attractive Men-Winner Thailand!

Without a doubt, Thai men are way more attractive than their Cambodian (Khmer) counterparts and I like dark-skinned Asians.

Average Thai Guys
Average Thai Guys


Average Cambodian Guy
Average Cambodian Guy

That being said, the most attractive men in Asia reside in the Philippines

Authenticity –Winner Cambodia!

As I stated in my other article  I found Thailand to just be way too touristy. In Chiang Mai, you’ll see white girls jogging in the streets. You’ll have to pause for a second to realize you’re in Thailand and not San Francisco!  Cambodia you’ll get locals stopping you to talk to you because they’re curious about you instead of just numb to you like they are in Thailand.

Who wins Cambodia or Thailand?

Who wins the Cambodia vs Thailand contest?  If you’re an inexperienced solo traveler that wants a good well-established tourist infrastructure then Thailand is your destination! However, If you want a more authentic image and experience of South East Asia then Cambodia is your place Ace!

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