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How to ‘Really’ Travel With Little or No Money

It’s your dream to see the sunset over the Eiffel Tower or the beautiful Underground River of the Philippines but you could never afford it in a million years. Not so fast! By the end of this article I’m going to reveal my number one

10 Countries That Will Kill You for Being Gay

In my last article, I was so happy to talk about a small but meaningful victory for gays in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago! Sadly I cannot have the same tone here. There are still countries in this world where it’s literally illegal

Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia   Bali is a gay oasis in an otherwise a conservative country. Bali has so much to offer for a gay traveler whether its beautiful beaches, historic architecture, or yoga retreats. Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic

Siem Reap-Cambodia

Siem Reap The name literally means Siam (Thailand) conquered. This was once the capital of the great Khmer Empire and is not the tourist epicenter of Cambodia. With its cheaper prices, beautiful ancient historical sites, and world class beaches Cambodia is quickly becoming a rival

10 Day Vietnam Tour for $555

10 Day Vietnam Tour for $555 Tour Radar Black Friday Special Start in Hanoi and end in My Son! With the discovery tour Vietnam Tour from North, Central to South 10 Days 9 Nights, you have a 10 day tour package taking you through Hanoi, Vietnam and 9 other destinations in

Top Gay Travel Destinations in SE Asia

Top Gay Travel Destinations in SE Asia Whether you are single or coupled if you are looking to travel south east Asia is the place to be. It’s extremely affordable full of smiling, handsome,  open minded faces.  Here is our list of top gay travel

Should You Live Abroad ?

I’ve been an expat pretty much since I graduated from college. I got my first real job got an apartment and realized that the working 9-5 going home pay my bills and do it all over again life sucked. Freedom is what I wanted! The


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