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Don’t Book with Tourradar Until You’ve Read This!

My experience with Tourradar Having been an experienced traveler I never really saw myself doing a days long guided tour. To be honest I was a bit worried it would be a waste of money since I really didn’t see myself enjoying being under tour

The Oslob Whale Shark Saga Continues

Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? So it seems WTS TonTon Tours in Oslob didn’t like my post where I put them on blast for the way they treated me. No surprises there. As a result they have decided to tell lies instead of

My Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Visit

I had the privilege of visiting the Las Pinas bamboo organ. After my horrible experience with a crooked tour company in Oslob I decided to use Viator to book this tour since they are a well known trusted company. The tour was broken up into

Palawan vs Boracay Which is Better

Maybe you are in a bind situation where you simply can’t go to both. Most likely due to lack of time I guess. Therefore you want to know if you should visit Palawan or Boracay. This article should help you to make a decision. Palawan

Getting Around The Philippines

Getting Around The Philippines The Philippines is unique in South East Asia as it’s an archipelago of over 7000 islands . That means as a tourist the number one way you’ll be getting around the Philippines is by plane.¬† Trust me those hot Filipino men

Its More Cheap in The Philippines

Cheap Flights + Cheap Hotels + Cheap Food =Good Time! You’ll find some of the best deals on flights, hotels, and food here in the Philippines. Plus a nice exotic atmosphere to boot! ¬†Save money by coming to the Philippines. Look at how much you

Gay Guide to Survival in the Philippines

Gay Guide to Survival in the Philippines If you are reading this then chances are at least 50/50 you’re a gay man considering or already living or going to the Philippines. It is perfectly normal and healthy to seek love or physical endeavors while in


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