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A Godly Dating Guide for Gay Christian Singles

Let me start off by speaking the truth. I had sex before I was married. I’m telling you this because I want to be 100% transparent with you.  I don’t like when some Christians act like they are infallible and judgmental so I won’t be

5 Important Signs He Just Wants You for A Green Card

Many people say if you are suspicious that your local lover just wants you for a green card you shouldn’t go through with the marriage. I, however, don’t agree with that sentiment. Any sensible person should be suspicious of someone who has something to gain

Learn How to Conquer Your Own Mind to Get a Guy!

Here’s a secret: No amount of relationship advice will help you get the loving fulfilling relationship that you deserve if you don’t have the power over your own mind! Sadly, we gay men have serious problems with self-discipline and control. Gay Men Are: 2 times

Why Open Relationships Don’t Work

It’s the new millennium that means out with the old and in with the new!  As a counselor I generally encourage trying new things since trying new  things is what helps shapes who we are as human beings.This case is different though….I strongly  advise my

Why Do Gay Relationships Fail? Here are 6 Good Reasons

A relationship not working out is a sad moment for any person but especially for us gays. We have a hard time as it is finding a partner and when it doesn’t work out it can be absolutely devastating. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples

Honest Tips for Gay Conservatives Looking for a Relationship

As a life coach/counselor that specializes in gay relationship advice and teaching gay men how to get a gay conservative partner. There’s almost always one theme that comes up in my office. Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether he’s black, white, Asian, tall, short, fat, or


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