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How To Get a Gay Christian Boyfriend

Let’s face it being gay is tough, gay dating is tough, and gay Christian dating is even tougher still. It is my hope with this guide that you’ll gain the tools that you need to get a good Christian boyfriend to eventually become your husband.

Honest Advice for Gay Conservatives Looking to Date

As a life coach/counselor that specializes in gay relationship advice and teaching gay men how to get a gay conservative partner. There’s almost always one theme that comes up in my office. Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether he’s black, white, Asian, tall, short, fat, or

A Gay Christian Dating Guide

Let me start off by speaking the truth.  The very fact that you are seeking godly dating advice is to be commended. Now it’s time to give you the best gay Christian dating advice out there. Gay Christian Dating Advice in a Nutshell The Cornerstone

5 Important Signs He Just Wants You for A Green Card

Many people say if you are suspicious that your local lover just wants you for a green card you shouldn’t go through with the marriage. I, however, don’t agree with that sentiment. Any sensible person should be suspicious of someone who has something to gain


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