First it was sex tapes now its coming out. There’s old saying  ‘some people will do anything for attention’.

Unknowns Come Out For Attention

Steve Lacy’s debut album from

Underwear from

Underwear from

The latest craze seems to be no-name entertainers to come out as ‘bisexual’ or better I say ‘buy-sexual’. As it’s all a publicity stunt. Recently unknown hip-hop artiest Steve Lacy took it a step further claiming not only is he bisexual but that he won’t date black men despite the fact that he is a black man himself OOOOOO!!

I seriously wonder how many men these buy-sexual entertainers have dated. How many times have they had a dick up their ass or put theirs in another man’s ass? A lot of these guys are known to have girlfriends!

True 50/50 bisexuality not common amongst men

One of the main reasons I call bs on this nonsense is because bisexuality just isn’t that common amongst men. Men tend to be more hard lined when it comes to sexual preference. They either like women or they like men its very rare to see a male date a woman and then date a man next. According to Psychology Today just 1.4% of men identified as bisexual compared to 2.2% of women (nearly double).

For all of these no-names coming out as buy-sexual you almost never see them in a relationship with another man.

It’s an insult and a mockery

What these no-name buy-sexuals are doing is really insulting to those of us who are true sexual minorities. The life that we gay people will live is no where near the life that these privileged semi-celebrities live. Coming out is one of the most critical and heart wrenching moments of a gay persons’ life. I consider it a rite-of-passage for us. I don’t know any gay person that doesn’t member the exact words that were spoken or the scenery of when they first came out to a loved one.

For these no namers to cheapen the coming out for some free publicity is sickening and we mustn’t tolerate it any longer.

Bisexuality is the latest fad

Coming out from

Coming out the movie from

Nowadays it seems if you ever notice a man’s beauty you’re bisexual. If you ever played doctor with a person of the same sex as a child oh now you’re bisexual. Frankly this just furthers the argument that many gay men have that bisexuality is a myth. That argument is wrong by-the-way. Living in the Philippines I’ve been approached by plenty of married men that wish to get fucked by me. They say  they enjoy sex with their wives but they have an unquenchable thirst to have a dick of their ass.  From what I can tell most of them have healthy sex lives with their wives but every six months or so they show up on grindr or planet romeo to get some dick or hairy man butt.



Those men are the minority. As discussed above for most men sexuality is a one-way street. Despite the media attention most people are straight.

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