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A Compatible Partners Experience By a Real Gay Man

We all know that being gay and single ain’t easy. I’ve been on Grindr for years and while it did satisfy my corporeal needs it was terribly lacking in people that were serious. I went to OkCupid and while it was better I was still finding myself having to dig through a lot of dirt to get gold. Then while on the phone with my BFF he suggested going to a paid dating site. He told me people who are paying are more likely to be serious and have a stable job. I figured ‘why not’ and started searching. I really liked the matching system of OkCupid so eharmony’s for gay guys website Compatible Partners was the obvious next logical step for me.

Compatible Partners Review

Pros Cons
Well tested algorithm to help you find a good match The questionnaire takes forever
People on there tend to be serious about a relationship You can’t see photos until you pay
You don’t need to sift through hundreds of profiles There are cheaper sites although they don’t offer the same features
First, you have to enter your basic information and then go through a survey. Unlike before you don’t have to do the whole 40-minute survey to get started. There you’ll answer some questions about what you like and how you perceive the world. I did the whole survey because I wanted to get the best matches.

There are multiple types of questions that appear on this compatible partners test. The most common survey questions are of the ‘scale’ variety. These questions ask you to rate the importance of something from a scale of 1 to 7. 1 reflects  ‘not important, none, rarely, etc.’ and 7 reflects the opposite end with ‘very important, always, strongly agree, etc.’ The next type is known popularly as ‘multiple-choice’ where you can choose one or more answers to reflect your views and opinions. In addition, there is also ‘true or false’, questions as well as short ‘text’ questions, which requires you to write a short answer of around twenty words or more.

There’s no denying it takes a while to complete the survey but for me this is a strong point because again it weeds out those who aren’t serious.

After the Compatible Partners Test…

After finally finishing the survey I got to see my matches. It matched me with about 20 guys but many of them were kind of far (as in order 15 miles away). Which leads me to my biggest grievance with the site–there weren’t as many options as I’d like. However, that could be because I’m a fairly ‘unique’ individual. Plus once you get done weeding and weeding there just isn’t that much left considering gay men make up 3% of the population or less.  Despite the limited options I went ahead and paid for a basic plan.

Compatible Partners Pricing is as Follows:

When I did it Compatible Partners pricing is split into two tiers which they call a basic plan and a ‘total connect’ plan.  Check their current pricing.

Basic Plan Cost (US Dollars)

  • 1 month for $59.95
  • 3 months for $39.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $119.85, this is a 33% Savings
  • 6 months for $29.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $179.70, this is a 50% Savings
  • 12 months for $19.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $239.40, Best Value, save 67% off of the monthly rate.

Total Connect Plan Cost (US Dollars)

  • 3 months for $44.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $134.85
  • 6 months for $33.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $203.70, this is a 24% Savings
  • 12 months for $23.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $287.40, this is a 47% Savings

‘RelyID’, a feature where you can get your membership information verified and to see other members who have also been verified. In other words it makes sure the person you’re talking to is who he says he is. This is quite an important security feature in my opinion.

‘Secure Call’ is a pretty cool feature, which allows you to make anonymous calls to other members from your personal phone number but without the other person knowing your number or location.

If you’re not satisfied with the basic personality profile, the Total Connect plan allows you to have access to a premium personality profile which is even more in-depth and extensive; thereby giving you the chance to receive matches with an even higher level of compatibility.

As you can see this isn’t the cheapest site out there and you get what you pay for. If you’re just looking to get dick pics and empty flirtation then go on Grindr for free but if you want a good service to help you find your soul mate then this is a good option. For those really concerned with security the RevID service that comes with the total connect service is totally worth it. That means the site has verified that the person you are talking to is who he says he is.

What Happened to Me

After I paid I was presented with several matches. Oh, that’s another thing you can’t search for matches on Compatible Partners, the system picks them for you. Then one nice guy caught my eye. He was a Filipino systems engineer who seemed like he was serious about starting a relationship that could lead to marriage.

I was scared to message him because I didn’t think he’d have me. I ended up stalking his profile for nearly a week. Then I decided to just go for it. I sent him a long detailed message to make sure he knew I was serious and read his profile. I can’t describe the joy I felt when he actually replied to me! We ended up chatting for about two weeks until I got the courage to ask him for coffee.

We got to the coffee shop at 6 pm and we didn’t leave until 10 pm and that was because they were closing and the staff kicked us out. I knew I wanted to marry him after our first date. We talked on the phone nearly every day and 8 months later I proposed and he said yes! We’re currently planning our wedding.

Is Compatible Partners Worth It?

For me yes it was worth it since I was actually ready to settle down and have a serious relationship without the drama. That being said if you’re just looking for a fling or friend with benefits that doesn’t really know what he wants then I would go with OkCupid instead. If you’re just looking for a romp then, of course, Grindr is the app of choice.

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