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Find a Local Gay Travel Guide

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Find a Local Gay Travel Guide

Getting a local gay travel guide is honestly one of the best investments you can make! With a gay travel guide you’ll get the local price instead of the foreign price on most things. He’ll know all the hidden nooks and crannies that aren’t in the guide book and more importantly he’ll know where not to go. The Gay Expat has a database  of local travel guides on There are several sites you can go on like  for the Philippines and if you are seeking a travel buddy.  On you have to create a free account with that you can search for guys in just about any location in the Philippines. They also have personalized matching service to help you find the right guy. If you use fb just post a photo of yourself  in a group and say you are looking for a travel buddy in x location on z dates. Expect to pay for your expenses and his. .

Some useful tips

  • Ask him to send a copy of his ID through facebook/email/whatever first.  This will keep you from getting robbed and falling victim to an “I’m underage and if you don’t pay I’ll scream” scam.
  • Let him know that you’re looking for a friend only. Please don’t be a dick and mislead these guys into thinking they’re going to get a green card  out of this
  • Check his English proficiency first! This is a must! Just because they can type it doesn’t mean they can talk English! Speak via skype prior to any meetings. This is just a good idea for a variety of reasons
  • Expect to hear a sad story about his financial woes during the trip. You can avoid this by saying “I’ll give you a x amount after the trip if you don’t tell me a sad story”.

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