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The Best Gay Dating Apps: Older for Younger

Alan had been searching for love for almost 10 years.  He tried Grindr and various other apps but he kept encountering the same thing. Most of the guys were just looking for sex, money, or just not interested in him. He was about to give up when he finally decided to try an app that everyone knows. After that he met Ricky and the rest is history.


Gay Dating Apps Older for Younger

If you are serious about finding a special someone these apps can help you do it. Some are free and some cost. If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should pay for an app or site just know that the cheaper it is (or free) the more digging you’ll have to do to get to the gold yourself.

Not Grindr

Remember the last time someone told you on Grindr that age is just a number? Neither do I. If you are serious about enjoying the rest of your life with someone special Grindr is not the app get that.

Heck, I don’t even recommend Grindr for younger guys who are looking for anything other than a casual romp. See my article on how Grindr could be what’s keeping you single.  That’s why I’ve put together this list of gay dating apps and sites for mature guys just like you.

# 1 Compatible Partners – American Gay Dating Site

If you are serious about finding a partner that could become your future husband or wyfe (a male that plays the traditional female role in a same-sex marriage) then you need to try Compatible Partners. The website has many checks to make sure guys on the site are serious. First of all, you have to go through an extensive questionnaire before you can even join the site.

Second, you can only receive messages from those whom the system matches you watch. Third, being a paid site it means all the guys who message you have skin in the game. No more guys who aren’t sure what they want. See your matches for free compatible partners. You can also read my full review where I talk about the truth when it comes to online dating.

# 2 Filipino Cupid

The world’s largest dating site for Filipinos looking to meet foreigners. While not specifically gay, it does have a significant gay user base and lots of men to chose from. What I like about this site is that you can communicate so long as one side is a paying member. Usually, it’s the foreigner who is paying. You can check them out for free using this link.

#3 International Dating Site with over 9 million paying subscribers is one of the world’s largest dating sites. With that many people, it’s difficult to believe that you can’t find someone on there that you’re compatible with. My only reservation about this site is it could be too much of a good thing. While they do have advanced search features it can just be overwhelming to go through all the profiles. I like Compatible Partners a little better because they do most of the work of finding potential matches for you.  However, is cheaper. You can set up a profile pretty easily for free and check their prices here.

#4 Military Cupid- Dating Site

Are you into military men? I know I sure was when I was single! The discipline, the masculinity, the bravery. Woo, yes sir!! Did it just get hot in here? Anyway, there’s a site to meet military men in the United States who are looking for a serious relationship. Military Cupid is one of the world’s largest US military dating sites. You can search by state, city, almost any parameter you would need. Seriously, this site is a must check out!

#5 Growlr – Gay Dating App

Are you looking for an oasis from the mainstream gay dating culture? Growlr is the number 1 gay dating app for bears. By the way, you don’t have to be large to be a bear. The bear movement started off as a space for large hairy gay men but now it’s an all-encompassing movement for any gay man that doesn’t feel they fit into the mainstream muscle-bound twink gay culture.

Best of all it’s totally free to use! Creating a profile on Growlr is free and easy. You only need to manually fill out the sections that best describe you. However, profiles are not concise and clear. Fake profiles can also be created, as the app is not strict and does not conduct tests or background checks on every member (remember it’s free). Download Growlr 

#6 Scruff – Gay Dating App

Scruff is another gay app with a large membership base in the United States and Canada. This app isn’t as good as Growlr but you have a wider array of men to choose from. Although the app has been criticized for not doing enough to quash blatant racism in the last few years. Even with Scruff’s high popularity, the app has been suspended by Google Play Store several times without disclosing the reason. As a result, they’ve really clamped down on racy photos.


#7 Christian Mingle – Christian Dating Site

WTH!? It’s shocking I know, but if Christianity is your thing then you should check out Christian Mingle. It is the world’s largest Christian dating site with over 16 million members. They opened up their site to the LGBT community a few years ago. Even better, you can go on there and see if there are any matches for you. Check their site to see if they still do that.

If you do identify as Christian then check out my article on gay Christian dating. I also have another article on How to Get a Gay Christian Boyfriend. It’s really nice for those of us who are gay and still care about our faith.

*Wyfe (n): a male who plays the female role in a same-sex marriage. Usually the more effeminate partner but not necessarily

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