Gay Guide to Survival in the Philippines

Gay Guide to Survival in the Philippines
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Gay Guide to Survival in the Philippines

If you are reading this then chances are at least 50/50 you’re a gay man considering or already living or going to the Philippines. It is perfectly normal and healthy to seek love or physical endeavors while in the Philippines.  This gay guide to survival will keep your heart and your wallet intact.

If you are seeking love

If you are seeking more than just a travel buddy or a fling here I will tell you it is possible but tough unless you look like the guy in the ad. The reality is up to 90% of the guys that approach you are looking for money. Here are some phrases that if you hear you should run:

“Hello, I’m looking for a serious relationship”

“I have a problem”

“My dream is to live somewhere where gay is accepted”

and last but not least

“I love you” (if its too soon)

If you truly do want love look for a guy that doesn’t need you. Look for an educated man with a decent job. If he tells you he’s unemployed or underemployed he’s really telling why he wants the relationship with you. The best advice I’ve ever seen when it comes to dating came from a facebook group for expats.

If after dating for three months he doesn’t have some financial catastrophe that only you can solve he’s a keeper. After 6 months tell him that your pension/IRA/whatever your source of income has stopped for some reason. If he offers to go to work to keep the two of you afloat then you’ve got a winner

The bottom line: TAKE YOUR TIME

lf you are seeking a travel buddy

This is easier. A travel buddy is honestly a very good investment. If you take a travel buddy you’ll get the Filipino price instead of the foreign price on many items. He’ll know all the hidden nooks and crannies that aren’t in the guide book and more importantly he’ll know where not to go. We offer a travel guide find service. There are several sites you can go on like and if you are seeking a travel buddy.  On you have to create a free account but you can search for guys in just about any location in the Philippines. They also have personalized matching service to help you find the right guy. If you use fb just post a photo of yourself  in a group and say you are looking for a travel buddy in x location on z dates. Expect to pay for your expenses and his. It’s pretty much understood that sex is part of the deal but you can make sure it is if you want. In my trips I’ve never once had a travel buddy refuse sex.

Some useful tips
Ask him to send a copy of his ID through facebook/email/whatever first.  This will keep you from getting robbed and falling victim to an “I’m underage and if you don’t pay I’ll scream” scam.

Let him know that you’re looking for a friend only. Please don’t be a dick and mislead these guys into thinking they’re going to get a green card  out of this

Check his English proficiency first! This is a must! Just because they can type it doesn’t mean they can talk English! Speak via skype prior to any meetings. This is just a good idea for a variety of reasons

Expect to hear a sad story about his financial woes during the trip. You can avoid this by saying “I’ll give you a 2000 pesos (40 bucks) after the trip if you don’t tell me a sad story”.

If you’re just looking for fun

This is the easiest. The Philippines doesn’t have designated gay areas like say Thailand does. Your best bet is going to a massage parlor, facebook, or grindr.

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