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New Study Reveals the Secret to Happiness for Gay Men

“I’m coming out! I want the world to know!  Got to let it show!”

Diana Ross

A study conducted by the University of Washington showed that gay men that were married were better off both mentally and physically than their single counterparts.

In addition, the same study showed that gay men in committed relationships are happier than those that are single. This aligns with similar data from heterosexuals.

According to the lead author & research supervisor Jayn Goldsen “There were big gaps for health and well-being between married gay couples and gay singles,”.

She further elaborated “Those who were married were more out than those who were unmarried with long-term partners, who, in turn, were more out than those who were single.”

The study’s methodology consisted of: Surveying more than 1,800 LGBT people, ages 50 and older. Approximately  25% were married, another 25% were in a committed relationship, and 50% were single. Married respondents had spent an average of 23 years together, while those in a committed, unmarried relationship had spent an average of 16 years. Through survey materials measuring physical and emotional well-being, couples who’d tied the knot or were in a long-term committed relationship fared better than singles. But married couples did the best of all. New York Daily News 

Almost all of us know the feeling of relief that comes from coming out. This data just confirms it.

Now that monogamy is a growing trend in the gay community as more and more gay men seek serious relationships leaving behind the ‘bump and go’ culture of earlier generations. We can predict we’ll be seeing less and less mental health issues in the gay community.

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