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Visit Thailand


Visit Thailand

Thailand of course remains the premier gay destination in South East Asia. It would be a sin to not recommend gay travelers visit Thailand. With its world famous delicious food, friendly people, and well established gay scene there’s nothing to lose by going to Thailand.  I can safely say that Thailand is one of the most gay friendly destinations on the planet. Transgenders (lady boys) are common place. There are spas, bars, massage, and bathhouses to meet the needs of any gay traveler. That being said I wouldn’t go back (read below)

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What I liked about Thailand

The wonderful food

Great tourist infrastructure-The country is basically set up for tourists. You’ll get everything you need from a sim card, a guide, to a taxi with ease

Well established gay scene-You won’t find a better gay scene in SE Asia than in Thailand

I had a great tour guide in Bangkok!

Easy free fun -Unlike Cambodia most of the guys on grindr are just standard homo sluts like the rest of us. I didn’t run into too many money boys on grindr thank God. Plus Thai guys are more attractive than Cambodian guys

What I didn’t like about Thailand

Just way too ‘touristy’ for my tastes. In some places, like Phuket, tourists out number the Thais

Too many ‘farang’ living there. When I was in Chiang Mai some days I wasn’t sure if I was in Thailand or San Francisco. I saw white girls jogging on the streets and restaurants filled with white people…

The temples weren’t nearly as impressive as the ones in Cambodia  . Most of them were just standard brick and plaster architecture. I honestly felt taking photos would’ve been a waste of time. Don’t worry I did though!

Hard to get to know locals. Thailand is just so touristy that locals are numb to it. Unlike Cambodia and the Philippines you won’t get random locals stopping to have a conversation with you.

Recommended books for all gay Thailand travelers

Gay Bangkok Travel Guide

Lonely Planet Thailand Travel Guide

Passion in Thailand-Gay Erotica

Don’t lug heavy books with you ever again!

Find a Gay Local Thai Guide