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Getting Around The Philippines

Getting Around The Philippines

The Philippines is unique in South East Asia as it’s an archipelago of over 7000 islands . That means as a tourist the number one way you’ll be getting around the Philippines is by plane.  Trust me those hot Filipino men are worth every flight you’ll take!

Plane Travel

I’m sure the word ‘plane’ sent chills down your spine as you conflated plane with high cost. The good news is that’s just not true. Thanks to travel sites like you can get super cheap flights throughout the Philippines. I’ve gotten round trip tickets for less than 100 bucks out the door! Flying really is the best way to get around the Philippines.

Bus Travel

Of course bus travel is an option if you’re going somewhere within the same island but keep in mind that:

Bus travel is slow due to road conditions

Make sure you get a high end luxury bus otherwise you’ll be miserable. I got a 2nd class bus once. Never again. The window was broken and there wasn’t enough leg room. Really there was no leg room.

That’s it!

Yup insofar as getting around the Philippines is concerned flying or busing are really your only two options. You could take a ferry to go between islands but unless its between next door neighbors why would you? – Book Cheap Flights!

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