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My Horrid Experience at Men’s Spa in Siem Reap

While in Siem Reap Cambodia I decided that I wanted a massage. My friend had told me Men’s Resort & Spa was a good gay place to get a massage. Unfortunately, my experience was anything but good.

Rude Staff & Manager

When I got to the Spa I ordered a massage and the masseur had a bad attitude. He didn’t speak to me and walked far ahead of me. I went to the reception and asked for another masseur. The receptionist rolled his eyes and said ‘we offer massage services and nothing else’ implying that I wanted another masseur because I was turned down for sex.

I Never asked for, suggested, or implied that I wanted sex. I was greatly offended and I said no not for that I just want another masseur and he continued to argue with me. He said all the masseurs are of the same quality to I just walked out.

There are too many spas here in Siem Reap to have to tolerate that poor level of service. In addition, I contacted the manager and he just gave me an empty apology. No invitation to come back to give them a chance to make it right nor compensation such as a discount or anything for the way I was treated. I won’t be back.

Worst Experience in Cambodia

I can honestly say my experience at Men’s Resort was the worst experience I’ve had of any massage parlor not just in Cambodia but in all of SE Asia or ever. It wasn’t just that the employee was rude but the manager’s/owner’s response was so smug. I can see why the employee wasn’t concerned about being rude to me.

I’m not alone

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E5028KZal Madrid, Spain

Super disappointing”

Sean M

“Not a Massage”

Gabrial L

“Not recommended if you are looking for a proper massage. May be just our luck.” 


The owner has resorted to filing a false DMCA claim to get this article deindexed from Google. So Sad


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