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The Oslob Whale Shark Saga Continues

Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?

So it seems WTS TonTon Tours in Oslob didn’t like my post where I put them on blast for the way they treated me. No surprises there. As a result, they have decided to tell lies instead of just atoning for their misdeeds.

Sadly, no surprises there either.

From what I can tell they posted at least 4 different responses to my one story. Let’s go over them one-by-one.

Response 1

I’m the fraud? What exactly did I defraud this company of? They acknowledge (in later responses) they kept 4000php and didn’t give my companion and I a tour. Who may I ask ended up with more money at the end of this horrid day?

If I truly were a fraudster then I should find another line of work. Insofar as the case goes truth is always a defense against libel.

Response 2

Lets address the lies in this response one-by-one.

Lie #1

“he called past 6pm and he would like to do the tour the next morning,”

I guess they weren’t counting on me having phone records. Luckily I called them through skype. Lets see what the records say.

Now, lets confirm that is indeed their phone number…


Caught red handed!

I called them on Monday, November 13th, 2017 and their own records will show this incident occurred  Saturday, November 18th, 2017.

Need more proof?

Here are the text messages confirming the tour with this company. Please note the dates and times:

About the price

I did indeed negotiate a cheaper price. That’s  business. If they didn’t want to give me that price they shouldn’t have agreed to it. Period.

It is funny though that they bring up that I negotiated the price down when on their website they guarantee the lowest price.

I guess the owner forgot about his own policies because when he started cursing at me he said it wasn’t good that I brought up the island trek tours didn’t ask for any sort of transfer fees.

Lie #2

 “so we pick them up from their hotel in cebu, and since they dont pay the deposit our driver inform them if they can ask 500 as initial payment and it will be deducted from the agreed amount of 8000,”

Pure fiction. The driver asked me for gas money. He said the owner did not give him enough money for gas and he needed gas money to reach Oslob. I told him I didn’t have cash and we needed to stop at an ATM in order to pay.

Need proof?

Here is my ATM card statement where the driver used my atm card to buy gas.

WTS TonTon Tours Using my ATM card to buy gas
Note: The date listed is the date the transaction posted to my account, not the date the transaction actually occurred

I never had a vehicle in the Philippines let alone in Cebu where I was on a vacation. So why would there be a transaction from shell gas station on my card if the driver didn’t use it to buy gas?

Lie #3

“then CAMERON WILLIAMS  ask if we are accepting credit card in tan aawan, and the driver said to him, no simply because tan awan has a very weak data coverage which a card terminal needs to work, and to the fact that we informed him upon his reservation that we only accepts cash. so they reach oslob already and does not have any cash, we offered them to go to SAMBOAN, SATANDER and lastly DALAGUETE to get cash on ATM but go only a few hundreds , short for 8000 total, ( by the way using our car go to this atm machines is not included in the package that we booked but we accomodate him due to guest-customer service relation”

I told the driver in Cebu we needed to stop at an ATM to get cash as I didn’t have cash on me due to an incident of  a BPI ATM machine withdrawing funds from my account but not dispensing the funds the day before.

Why else would I trust a stranger with my ATM card?!

My companion even told him in Filipino that I needed to go to an atm machine. He said yeah okay and kept driving. I fell asleep (it was 4:30am) assuming he would wake me once we reach the atm.

The next thing I know we’re near Oslob.  We did have to go to two different towns to get  to a functional atm but that’s the fault of their driver not listening to us. They ‘accommodated’ me to compensate for their employee’s mistake not mine.

Lie # 4

“then when they are back in tan awan he begun to shout, break our glass table in our office ( we had a cctv footage )”

This is purely laughable. After they demanded more money than we agreed to I did get angry and hit the table but it didn’t break.

It’s funny since we spent nearly 3 hours in the police headquarters after the fact and not once did the owner or his employee mention their table being broken.

Seems to me it would’ve significantly helped their case that they should keep all the money had I actually broken their table.

Given their already proven lies a reasonable person can assume they are also lying when they said I broke their table.

Lie #5

“…then my driver whispered t me and said ” sir in dalaguete we asked me if he can pay me 1,000 just to drive him back to cebu” so we asked CAMERON WILLIAMS why he needs to do that?”

I did ask to pay to return to Oslob but so what? I felt the driver’s conduct was very unprofessional and my companion and I had a disagreement. I don’t see how offering money to return and cancel is cheating.

Need proof?

I even attempted to send a text message to the owner asking how much to cancel but it didn’t go through due to poor signal.

Lie #6

So the police ask why he needs to break the glass table and everything…later we know that the money he have is a little short to 8000 which he needs to settle for the entire tour. 

Pure fiction. Nowhere was a table mentioned. I was not short the money. I was in the middle of paying when they gave their surprise fee and didn’t give them any more.  I had already given them 7000 php but I stopped giving them bills after that.

If I really didn’t have 500 pesos then how did we get back to Cebu after they kept (stole) my 4000 pesos?

*shakes head*

Lie #7

“we are afraid he might do bad and more, so at this point we insisted we just cancel the tour, we will just ask for the one way transportation from cebu to oslob,,now who says its not 4000 for a private car rental from cebu to oslob, no one, because if you look into the approved tariff of DOT its more than 4000 for the trip”

Whether or not the DOT approved a tariff of  4000php or 400000php is completely irrelevant. That’s not his cost to transport me and my companion one way from cebu to oslob.

Again the entire tour was 8000php!

Using the owner’s numbers one way cost him 4000php. Meaning both ways would have cost him 8000php!

That means that he would’ve been losing money on the entire tour minus the initial and final transportation?

Do you really believe WTS TonTon Tours would make such an arrangement?! Does that make sense to you? I’d say it doesn’t.

Response 3

Not withstanding the previous lies already addressed I wanted to address the additional lies in this response

Lie #7

“…Ill not do the tour anymore and I already paid the transportation in your office”

In order to believe that I told the driver that the transportation   was ‘already paid’ would mean you’d also have to believe that  I expected the driver to believe that I had gone all the way to Oslob, at my expense, just to pay the transportation and then returned only to go there again and pay a second time?

Since according to them the 500php that the driver requested was an initial deposit.  Let us not forget that they said numerous times they don’t accept credit cards.

Lie #8

“…he curse Pilipinos are stupid, he curse Oslob for not having atm machines, he broke our glass counter (for which we have cctv footage)”

I hope you are seeing a pattern here.

They are expecting you (the reader) to believe in a place full of Filipinos that I ‘shouted’ that Filipinos are stupid.

They are expecting you (the reader) to believe that whilst in Oslob I cursed Oslob for not having atm machines.

They are expecting you (the reader) to believe that I broke their glass counter but not once did they mention that whilst at the police station? If I broke their table why didn’t they mention it and demand to keep all of the money I had given them.

Response 4

They posted another response which they deleted.

Corrupt police wouldn’t listen

I tried to explain this to the police but they wouldn’t listen.

The owner just kept saying ‘the police agree with me!’ and then the police officer told me if I didn’t sign their ‘compromise agreement’ stating that he could keep the 4k for a one-way trip to Oslob I would be detained.

After signing the ‘agreement’ I asked the police for a copy of it which they declined to give to me.

That’s actually why I am speaking out. President Duterte is working hard to clean up corruption but it still exists and the public should know when it happens.

Never again…

Without a doubt this was my worst experience in the Philippines by far.  However, I didn’t let it stop me for exploring. I took a trip to Manila and Tagaytay using Viator. More fun, though, was my trip to Palawan!!

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  1. Marcus

    After reading your first article about them and their response I wasn’t sure who to believe. Now that you’ve shown proof of your side I know how to believe. Thanks for showing proof

  2. Jomar Ordinaz

    Glad to see you put evidence to show what really happened. I’m sorry to break your heart but some Filipinos would believe them just because you are Black and they are Filipinos but your evidence demonstrates without a doubt who was telling the truth.

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