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Signs Your Lover is Scamming You

A fool and his money are soon parted. That’s a common saying here in America and in no situation does it hold truer than when it comes to inter-generational and international dating. If you choose to date someone far away from you in age or location it’s important that you be on the lookout for scams. This article should help you detect the signs you’re being scammed sooner rather than later.

Not Into Sex

A young man I was dating kept telling me how much he loved me. He was even helpful and didn’t seem embarrassed to be with me in public, all good signs. There was just one problem. He didn’t seem to want to do the deed in the bedroom. He kept telling me ‘I love you but I’m not into sex’. Really?! A 21-year-old male that’s not into sex?! I admit I let it go longer than I should have but finally there was simply no denying it. What he meant was he wasn’t into sex with me. A young man making excuses not to have sex is never a good sign.

Always Talking About Sex

Sex is an important part of a relationship and you absolutely should dump your partner if he’s making excuses not to have sex. That being said if your conversations are always centered around sex that could mean he’s just using you for your body or youth. How big your dick is shouldn’t be the most important part of getting to know you. If I’m serious about a guy the farthest I go with sex talk in the first conversations is to check if he is a top or bottom.

Complaining About His Finances

We all have financial issues in our lives and it’s not uncouth to ask your partner for help. The problem is if the conversations always seem to steer towards his financial woes especially since the beginning chances are good you’ve got a scammer on your hands. If worse is if he won’t have sex but will accept your money. I’m not saying a relationship is a black and white transaction between money and sex but as far as I’m concerned he has no business asking for money if he won’t have sex. Think about it. He’s telling you he’s not ready to have sex or that the relationship needs to be more solid before he puts out but he’s ready to take your money?!

Has A Bunch of Weird Chatting Apps on His Phone

Most guys in The Philippines use Facebook and WhatsApp to chat with their friends. That’s it. If he’s got a bunch of weird chatting apps like KakaoTalk (popular to chat with Koreans) or Hike (popular to chat with Indians) that’s a good sign that he’s chatting with a lot of different guys from different locations for money.

Other Signs Your Online Boyfriend is Scamming You

There are other signs you should look out for if you suspect that you’re being scammed. 

Punishes You For Not Giving Money

If you decline his requests for money and as a result, he begins chatting with you less or his responses to you get shorter and take longer than you know what he was after.

Sends Nude Photos Too Soon

Most Filipinos are looking for a serious guy who will take care of them. They know if they give up the goodies too soon that you’ll lose interest. Guys who send nudes and do naughty video calls right away are usually desperate and need an ATM machine right away.

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