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Take Our Gay Dating Quiz!

Let be honest gay dating is tough. In fact for many of us, dating is the toughest part of being gay but there are ways to help you find a genuine bona fide gay relationship.

Want to know how likely it is you’ll find your forever anytime soon? Then take the gay relationship quiz!

Take this quiz to see if you'll find love in the near future!

Please select your age range
How long have you been single?
Honestly speaking I would hesitate to date a guy if I knew he had a small penis.
I find most gay/bisexual men to be annoying
I think having really high standards is a good thing
Do you get along with most gay/bisexual men you know?
Whose fault was it that your last relationship ended?
Are you bitchy/catty?
I'll tell it like it is in any situation. If someone's feelings are hurt that's their problem.
What do you value more?
If I'm dating someone older / fatter than I am then he should pay all the expenses.
How open are you to dating someone outside of your race or ethnicity?
If I'm dating someone that is significantly overweight then he should be thankful
If I'm dating someone 20 years or older than me then he should be thankful
I'm only interested in dating masculine 'straight acting' men.