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Learn How to Stay Safe While Using Grindr

Grindr is the most popular gay dating app around used by millions everyday. While it is relatively safe there are stll things to watch out for. Here are some grindr scary stories!

Man Found Guilty of Using Grindr to Extort Gay Men

Jayson Hastie (pictured above) tried to extort money from gay men using the popular hookup app Grindr.  Apparently the 25-year-old Australian sent sexually explicit messages to a man and then arranged a meeting. Hastie didn’t show up for the first meeting but convinced the victim to come to another meeting.

Upon arrival, Hastie and an accomplice confronted the victim, falsely identifying themselves as police officers, and forced him to give them $2000AU and told him if he didn’t make weekly payments that they would expose him and leak their sexually explicit chat conversations.

The victim went to the real police and Hastie was arrested and received a 20-month sentence for his crime.

Student Uses Grindr to Humiliate Her Teacher

A high school student from North Carolina accused of “catfishing” her teacher on Grindr and then sharing his nude photos with her classmates has been found not guilty.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, 16-year-old Brittney Renee Luckenbaugh and her friend, Brian Joshua Anderson, obtained their teacher’s after creating a fake profile on Grindr.

When Luckenbaugh suspected her French teacher was gay she and a friend created the false fake posing as a 19 year old muscle bound twink. Then she searched for her French teacher on Grindr.

She began a chat with the man and convinced him to send scandelous photos of himself. Upon doing so the little brat forwarded the naughty pics to her friend who in turn sent them to several other studetns.

As a result of her debauchery, the teacher was suspended without pay and then reassigned to another school where, he says, he says his communicated with students was limited through a camera.

During testimony, he called the entire situation “very distressing.”

The ordeal didn’t end there, however. The teacher was forced to defend his use of the app in open court.

“Grindr is a dating site and a hookup site,” he testified. “I was using it for more than a hookup site. I’m too old to play. I was looking for more than that.”

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Thugs Use Grindr to Lure Gay Men

On March 31st 2018 A fake Grindr profile was used to arrange meetups late at night in a parking lot. When the victims arrived, the large group of attackers began beating them.

One of the victims, aged 28, was admitted to a local hospital following the attack and is currently fighting for his life. The second victim managed to run away before sustaining significant injuries.

Don’t be a victim of gay bashing!

Some tips to protect yourself:

  1. There’s safety in numbers. Almost all of the victims were alone
  2. Don’t show fear. If you they think you’re likely to put up a fight they’ll leave you alone.  Most bad guys are looking for easy pickings
  3. Have a self defense tool

If you do have a gun then you need a concealed holster so you can have it when you need it. Period. I found this one for free just pay for shipping.

But many gay men and women are uncomfortable carrying a firearm. That’s okay; you can still protect yourself with things like a pocket knife.

I know many of you will say “But you can’t carry a knife everywhere!”

That’s true that’s why I recommend a tactical pen. It’s a fully functional self defense tool cleverly disguised as a writing utensil and a flashlight. It has a tungsten steel striker, a bottle opener, and yes it actually writes!

Secret service agents carry pen’s like these!

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