If you like ancient history,  cheap prices, tasty food, and warm people then you’ll love Cambodia!

When you visit Cambodia you’ll discover it is an oasis of history, tropical beaches, and sobering legacy. You can visit 1000 year temples in Siem Reap, catch some sun and waves in Sihanoukville, or  take a sobering visit the killing fields of Phnom Penh.

Cambodia is quickly becoming a go-to destination for gay men as it’s much cheaper than Thailand. You’ll save about 70 bucks per day coming to Cambodia over Thailand. Although gay men looking for a well developed tourism scene & party animals will probably enjoy Thailand more.  I appreciated Cambodia for it’s pristine untouched nature experienced travelers will probably feel the same.

While Cambodians aren’t hostel to homosexuality you won’t see two Khmers holding hands in the street like you might in Bangkok. I didn’t feel threatened in any way while in Cambodia. As a gay traveler you needn’t worry you’ll have a good time in Cambodia as there are plenty of things and/or guys to do there.

What I loved about Cambodia

The Culture-Khemrs are so kind and friendly and plus I like Buddhism

The Ancient Temples-I’m a history buff and I love ancient architecture.  Going into those nearly millennia old temples and imaging what it was like when those kings were living in them and how immaculate they once were was an awesome wonderful experience that I’ll never forget

The Food-I love curry and south east asian food. It’s as good as Thai food but literally half the price

The price-Speaking of the price you just won’t get a better deal than Cambodia.  Laos or some other butt poor countries are a little bit cheaper you’ll find the complete lack of infrastructure and safety aren’t worth the small price savings.

What I didn't like about Cambodia

The Khmer men just didn’t physically appeal to me that much.

Most of the guys on Grindr want money. In Siem Reap I’d say 60% of the guys on my grindr were money boys. It was less in Phnom Pehn but still quite a lot. Good old fashioned free fun from a guy that’s even remotely attractive can be tough to find sometimes.

The infrastructure while improving is still pretty bad. It took 6 hours to get Phnom Pehn to Siem Read because the road was so terrible

I’ve been spoiled by the Philippines so it was an unpleasant surprise when I discovered most of the population doesn’t speak a word of English. Even in the tourism industry the English level isn’t that great unless you get a good tour company.

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