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Visit The Philippines

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The Philippines: The Next Gay Destination!

Thank you for visiting my gay Philippines page. When I was looking to travel to SE Asia my first thoughts were about Thailand. I had heard many good things about it and the food it to die for. However, after further research I found Thailand to be extremely commercial and relatively expensive. I did end up visiting there, basically because I had to, but I and my wallet were much happier in the Philippines!


Why Visit the Philippines?

It’s Cheaper: You’ll save on average about $50USD a day over Thailand based on calculation of daily expenses . Learn how to get here, eat here, and stay here cheap! The Philippines is Cheap

Ifugao Tribesman in North Luzon
Ifugao Tribesman

The Culture: The Philippines has a colorful cultural heritage that is the apex of marvelous.

Iwahig prisoners
Iwahig Prison in Palawan Island

Philippine hospitality: The reputation of Philippine hospitality is earned. Filipinos love foreigners. You’ll be treated with warmth and kindness here. In the Philippines you won’t be a ‘farang’. If you decide to meet a guy and spend some time with him don’t be shocked if he introduces you to his family and friends. Chances are good he’ll be proud to have you at his arm rather than feeling something else. Even the prisoners are friendly!

7th natural wonder of the world
Underground River in Palawan

Natural Beauty: The Philippines has stunning natural beauty in places like El Nido, Palawan, Boracay, Cebu Island, and frankly all over the country.  The Philippines hosts one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The underground river in Palawan.

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Male Beauty: The Filipino beauty is unmatched throughout Asia! If you like rice then you’ll love the Philippines!  If you want to meet some nice Filipinos you can register for our site and become a member today.

Lots to do: Whether its shopping in some of the world’s largest malls, seeing historical sites and monuments, or swimming with whale sharks the Philippines has got you covered!

Whether you are just looking for beautiful men or beautiful scenery the Philippines is the place to be!